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I created this page in order to allow some discussion on the wiki itself instead to have to rely on the forums.


DungeonRaiders, is there a special format we should use when making changes? Like adding remarks in red or something like that? Stargazer

Just edit it. It is logged who made what changes and anything can be reverted if need be. — dungeonraiders

Names for EB1 and EB2

I would think Ironworks and Fireworks are much closer to the original titles than Blacksmith and Firearms. Fireworks is the title I used to refer to my booklet on my blog, so I would prefer to use that name, but it's your project, perhaps you have a better idea. And what shall we call the upcoming supplement "Zauberwerk"? — Stargazer

Fixed! Thanks for the tip, you can lose a lot in translation. Zauberwerk will probably be called Magicworks - will make the page but will be blank for some time. — dungeonraiders

I was thinking that maybe ForgeWorks is a better title than IronWorks. Let me know what you think. — dungeonraiders

Forgeworks is much better! — Stargazer

Forgeworks is great - like it very much! (was it right to answere with the edit function? CK)

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